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    Adresa ANIAR la GUVERNUL ROMANIEI, D-lui prim-ministru Emil BOC/15.09.2010


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    Adresa ANIAR la GUVERNUL ROMANIEI, D-lui prim-ministru Emil BOC/15.09.2010

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       Str.Horia Macelariu, No. 23-25, Bl.XI / 5, Sc.B, 1st floor, Ap.26, Sector 1, Bucharest
        Tel: 0722.748.647, Fax: 0318.155.806, E-mail: dmarciulescu50@yahoo.com


                                           Prime Minister Emil BOC
                       National Association of Driving Instructors from Romania - ANIAR, affiliated to the National Union of Romanian Employers - UNPR requires the following:
                       - Compliance with the 2nd group of driving instructors work;
                                   - Compliance O.U.G. nr.44/2008, which regulates
                work performed by authorized individuals, enterprises and individual
                family enterprise.

                       A.N.I.A.R. signals in difficult situations that are unacceptable and its members, instructors, auto, law professors and road driving schools where they work.

                       Parliament of Romania and the Romanian Government issued regulations that ignore the law making serious abuse, interfering with contractual relations certified driving instructors - PFA and driving schools that they have signed legal service contracts for practical training of persons to obtain driving licenses.

                       Director General of the Romanian Road Authority ARR Iancu Craciunoiu culminated with illegal provisions of the ARR submitted to county agencies, sending bodies to control driving schools, forcing them to rebuild these contracts for the provision of Services of certified driving instructors - PFA and prepare them so as to result in, the collection value of the benefit of practical training provided by approved driving instructors driving school make it, applying them lei fines between 4000-6000.

                       Thus, it violates the provisions O.U.G. no. 44/2008, under which freelancers - PFA, in this case, certified driving instructors have fiscal independence and their financial and accounting documents, carrying the work and paying taxes under the Tax Code.

                       Injury certified driving instructors who are PFA and are not VAT payers, is the fact that my leave of ARR to collect this amount due for the provision of practical training, which provides people to obtain driving licenses.

                       A.R.R. require driving schools to collect an undue amount, so long as the service is not provided by them, but their cars driving instructors certified by private property, they bought fuel and other costs of car maintenance.

                       Driving schools are paying the VAT, and if collection is done by them, certified driving instructors are frustrated by their legal right, they are not VAT payers payers become T.V.A. taxpayers and the amount collected by schools that drivers of them having their own tax regime governed by the Tax Code, and thus produces a double tax them.

                       Management A.R.R. violates the provisions H.G. no. 625/1998, which incorporation of the normative act of public authority and containing the Rules of operation respectively, where the attribute is not found, verify financial and accounting documents, or contracts between two legal entities, which constitute an abuse, which can be checked only by NAFA, that the Financial Guard.

                       A.N.I.A.R. made various legal proceedings from the Romanian government and the leaderships of the ministries involved, who categorically refused to consider them, the answers have been elusive, even to risk breaking laws.

                       These enactments, dissatisfied with self certified thousands of instructors who have remained on the road since 12.10. 2009, because OMTI nr.1019/2009 and Law. 218/2009, are enforced by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in retroactively, contrary to Article 15, para. (2) "The law for the future of the Romanian Constitution.

                       Driving instructors concerned with families, school children, obligations to pay rent, maintenance allowances, rates from banks, leases, taxes, local taxes and state budgets.
                       So are social problems - very serious business, facing members of our professional organization.
                       Please dispose of Emergency OUGnr.109/2005 change on road transport, taking into consideration the proposals UNPR - A.N.I.A.R.

                       Dumitru MARCIULESCU
                       President A.N.I.A.R.
                       Tel. 0722. 748. 647

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