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    Instructor auto " pirat "- adevarat


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    Instructor auto " pirat "- adevarat

    Mesaj  Admin la data de Dum Aug 29, 2010 2:12 pm

    Dear Colleagues,
    One day, the departure venue for the examination route, the bridge IOR Bucharest, and has appeared a "driving instructor - pirate - really" with "guts".
    It came with a runner in the exam route.
    He had "put" the car "a sticker" which was written:
    "Driving instructor, approval NO. 26.597, Categories: B, C, EC.
    Our members' self certified instructors - real "or" employees - real ", not" false - pirates "were present at the site noted," The adhesive false, "giving proof of" vigilance "," honesty "and" honesty " immediately contacted by phone ANIAR's leadership, which in turn notified the agency's management ARR for verifying the validity of Bucharest and Ilfov authorization number written on the adhesive used respectively.
    The leadership of the two ag. ARR B and IF verified and communicated immediately by repectivul no. authorization and that there would seem to be fake.
    Ag chief. Bucharest ARR contacted the chief servant. Bucharest examination, the examiner that he who takes driving instructors in the papers because, until the arrival of traffic inspectors arr.
    ARR control bodies were found, the instructor that car was "pirate" with "sticker false" with "false", as anticipated, though.
    It was drawn process - record, a fine from 1000 - 2500 lei and he was detained for six months license plates, according to GEO 34/2010.
    Within 48 hours, he paid half the minimum fine, ie 5,000 lei, license plates and recovered the following day filed at the ag. ARR Pcs. file in the authorization, meaning the coming into law.
    We believe, as did ANIAR's a good thing, sensing the presence in traffic driving instructors "pirate", respectively, as prompted to enter legally like all the other colleagues, instructors, auto, real, honest, fair and honest, which pay state taxes, not those who are "tax evasion".
    You will agree to be: real, honest, fair and honest, and the others be: pirates, false, incoreti and evasion?
    Just as "there was no brushwood forest, we also have" brushwood "and our believe, that it was time to join forces and eliminate them from our ranks.
    These "brushwood" made us laugh and because their guild I ajus in this situation.
    In 2008, the test car was a "collaborator" and then I asked him if he brought legal documents GEO conf. 44/2008, which has just occurred.
    His answer was: that what is wrong, to pay his taxes.
    Then I said, that will dissolve "collaborators", and he told me not "they" will disappear, but "independents (permits)", ie the legal ones will disappear and will remain illegal, according to his mind .
    This collect money from students, with no tax and neeliberand a document (receipt, bill or tax receipt).
    I told him that he does is tax evasion, it is a crime, how is fear. "
    Then I went and I said that I am authorized driving instructor, was independent and that both I and your ANIAR will fight for educators - indeed, who pay taxes to the state, not the false, pirates and escapist.
    I believe that until now, both I and ANIAR this site I found, that is that we defend the interests "of driving instructors - cool, not the" false - pirates, "as I was accused of Cheese, Stefanescu, to
    If 1% of us who are "brushwood" do not agree, must enter the legality or leave us and go to another area.
    If "some" have something negative to comment on our address, they are "brushwood" or "diversionary" who do not agree, they do nothing for "legal" and then "pissed" if someone else.
    We left a few weeks in particular without having to communicate details about the "unique" case of driving instructor "pirate" discovered ANIAR members, sanctioned by the ARR, but will warn that we are watching "them" and " driving schools "that" works "and I" tolerate "it.
    Dare to give you a collegial advice:
    - Proceed as "taxi drivers" that once I see a "pirate taxi, encircle it, it stuck and announced at the 112 or the police.
    So "Only together we will succeed!" and good and bad.
    Waiting for comments from your

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