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    A.N.I.A.R. - "MITING"


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    A.N.I.A.R. - "MITING"

    Mesaj  Admin la data de Vin Iul 30, 2010 10:33 am

    [B] Dear colleagues, [/ b]

    Yesterday, 29 July 2010 10:00 met Social Dialogue Commission, which among others was on the agenda and "draft Ordinance amending and supplementing Ordinance nr.109/2005 on road transports you whose final form I sent previously.
    Although it has received the CDS, "project" in the form of "final" approval will follow the circuit on the direction and specialized ministerial cabinets, will then be sent for approval to the Economic Social Council (ESC) and the Government, which will be signed and sent for publication in the Official Gazette.
    Therefore, MTI did not want to consider the proposals UNPR - ANIAR, you've seen and read each grounded and justified I think, to solve "our problems".
    Of course, that they may consent, in favor of "interest groups" are well known.
    So far I followed all the legal ways, you've seen and read those three addresses sent to MTI with "proposals" and "nothing."
    I believe that the last constitutional legal way is the "protest" (meeting) where the "delegation" format will be received at the "discussion" and "negotiations" with "minister" or "prime minister", or their substitutes,
    they will sign a "protocol" and the latter will be obliged to take into account the "wishes" legal "our."
    Waiting for proposals', "comments" and your decision, which will separate.
    If "determined" organization "protest rally," I promise that I will work upon the necessary legal documents and obtaining approvals.
    Please discuss with colleagues from districts, to bring them aware what had happened so far and to decide.
    So, the decision is yours all colleagues instructors certified car driving schools and employers who collaborate with small and that "interest groups" wanted and still want them "abolished."

    [B] Please send tables "signatures" those who have not sent yet. [/ B]

    [B] Regards,
    President ANIAR [/ b]

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