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    ADRESA catre M.T.I. - D-lui ministru Radu BERCEANU


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    ADRESA catre M.T.I. - D-lui ministru Radu BERCEANU

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    [B] Nr.64/22.07.2010

    At the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
                             Berceanu minister [/ b]

       [B] AUTO NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INSTRUCTORS IN ROMANIA - ANIAR, a member of the National Union of Romanian Employers - UNPR [/ b], which is part of the MTI Social Dialogue Commission will submit proposals attached to the draft Ordinance amending and supplementing GEO nr.109/2005 road transport, which is in the public debate on the website www.mt.ro.
       The proposals come from the "over 2,000 certified instructors car, in this regard we are in possession of personal data and tables with their signatures.
       These self certified instructors have "complaints" that could be solved only if he takes into account the "wishes" them.

       Until now there were three meetings of the Technical Subcommittee specialty CDS, which was not taken into consideration, absolutely any proposal made by UNPR

       Instead, all proposals made were validated by representatives of "interest groups" that represent their personal interests more than the 50-100 people around the country.

       Mention that the two previous addresses, sent to MTI-DTR with aceleeasi proposals, we received the same reply "elusive", with the promise that they will consider our proposals in "future."

       In case, you will not be understood and will not take into account our proposals "to the many and unhappy" to "abuses" that are made, we will have to go through other legal steps, starting with the deployment of a "protest demonstrations "in front of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Government of Romania will participate without hesitation," thousands of unhappy "across the country.
        [B] Regards,
        MARCIULESCU Dumitru,
        President ANIAR,
        Member in C.D.S. - M.T.I. [/ B]

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